Fencing Repair & Replacement



Fences can take a beating. They’re left out in the open without any reprieve from the elements. Over time, any fence can take damage especially with high winds, blazing sun, hail, and rain. A properly built fence should be built to last, but time and mother nature may wear away even the best fencing structures.

That’s why we offer fencing repair and replacement services. We carry most fencing materials, and we can custom build fences to fit with your old structure. If you’ve got a wooden fence that’s old and dilapidated, we can dig out and reset your posts, and build a new fence structure to match your old structure. If you have a metal fence that has been cut or bent out of shape, we can fix or replace parts of your fence.

Again we work with all sorts of fencing materials, including metal fencing (aluminum fences, chain link fences, sports fencing), wooden fencing (cedar fencing, picket fencing, privacy fences), and vinyl fencing.

Here at VanHoose Fence, we like to think that if there’s a fence to be built we can build it. Likewise, we like to think that if there’s a fence to be fixed, we can fix it. We work on both commercial property fences and residential fences. So call on us for any and all fencing repair and replacement needs. We’ll field your questions, and as always, we can provide you with a free quote on your upcoming fencing repair project. We provide fencing services throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.

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