The Top 5 Benefits Of Privacy Fencing

When it comes to choosing the right fence for your home, we offer countless options. Our goal at VanHoose Fence LLC is to offer you fencing installation in Oklahoma City that meets your specific needs and your unique design wants. From security fencing to decorative metal fencing, we offer numerous choices.

One of the most popular styles of fencing on the market is privacy fencing. You can design a privacy fence from an array of materials with wood being one of the most popular options. Investing in a privacy fence can be an excellent choice for homeowners who intend to spend the next few years in their current home. Check out the top five benefits you will gain from a privacy fence.


One of the most obvious benefits to a privacy fence is found in the name — privacy. A privacy fence by definition is designed to create a barrier between your property and the outside world. Unlike a chainlink fence or other slatted style, a privacy fence is a solid structure.

Privacy fences are ideal if you live in a neighborhood with homes nearby. You can enjoy relaxing on your back patio without worrying about people staring in. If you have a hot tub or pool, you can enjoy these water features without an audience. Next time you throw a backyard barbeque, enjoy ultimate privacy.



When you have dogs in your yard, a privacy fence is a must. Privacy fences are far better at deterring your dogs from escape. They are harder to climb and usually much taller than a chainlink fence. Not only that, but your dogs won’t be able to see every single person that passes by, which can help cut down on barking. Depending on how much of a jumper your dog is, you can choose the right height for your needs.


Home’s with privacy fences are worth more than ones without. The benefits you reap now from your privacy fence will be the same ones a future owner will see as an asset. To add to your home’s resale, consider a high-quality wood fence. This style never goes out of fashion and will provide long-term value for your home.


If you are hoping to improve your home’s security, a privacy fence is an ideal choice. Keeping your property behind a privacy fence can deter would-be thieves. For one thing, it is harder to enter your property unnoticed if there are only a couple of points of entry. Not only that but when people can’t see into your property they are less likely to find items to randomly snag. This can help keep items in your yard safe, such as bikes and toys. Installing locks on your gates will also help improve the safety of the fenced-in space.


If you live in a noisy area, a privacy fence can help cut down on sounds. For example, if your home is near a busy roadway, a privacy fence will reduce the sound of cars. Perhaps you have noisy neighbors you’d rather not hear. Whatever the case, a privacy fence creates a barrier between you and unwanted noise.

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A privacy fence is an excellent investment for your property and will bring you years of great service. Whether you have a few furry pals you want to keep confined or you are hoping to improve the privacy of your property, we invite you to contact us for a consultation to determine what will best work for your property’s needs.

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