Fencing For Sports

Sports fencing requires stability and integrity. Much of the purpose of sports fencing is to maintain a safe environment that’s useful for both the players and onlookers alike. Here at VanHoose Fence, we know that your sports fencing must be installed to the highest standards to withstand damage from weather and sporting events. We can install all sorts of sports fencing, including these sports fences and more:


Chain link fencing is the traditional material for basketball fencing. Fencing in your basketball court ensures that onlookers are safe, and it keeps the basketball from running off. Moreover, basketball fencing can be utilized to ensure privacy if the courts are private courts. We can install a locking gate if you’d like to ensure that unwanted intruders keep off of the court.


Tennis balls tend to bound far and wide after a good whack. Like our other sports fencing, our tennis court fencing ensures that speeding tennis balls don’t clobber passersby. And again, we can install a privacy gate if you’d like to keep the court locked while you’re away.


A flying baseball can be downright dangerous. We provide custom baseball fencing installation services to ensure that the crowd is safe if there’s a foul ball or a pop fly. Moreover, our baseball fencing can be utilized to mark the boundaries of the baseball field.

If you’re curious whether we can build your sporting fence, just give us a call and we’ll let you know! Here at VanHoose Fence, we like to think that if there’s a fence to be built, we can build it!

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