Vinyl fencing is an excellent fencing solution. Vinyl is super durable, and it stays clean. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t need staining. It requires little or no maintenance over its lifetime. Modern vinyl can last for decades, and it’s an economical option. There are numerous color options available for vinyl fences.

Here at VanHoose Fence of OKC, we build our own fencing structures and plan unique fencing designs. We take freshly made vinyl boards and cut them to size. We build specific to your site and your preferences. Give us a call to get started.

We build vinyl fences for all of the following purposes:

Residential Fencing

Need to place a vinyl fence around your home? Call on VanHoose. Vinyl is a great option for privacy and boundary fences around your home.

Commercial Fencing

Vinyl is also a great option for commercial property. We provide elite fencing services so your business looks professional.

Decorative Fencing

There are decorative vinyl fencing options out there! Vinyl fencing has come a long way from simple planks. Give us a call to learn about your options.

Vinyl Gates

As with all our materials, we can build vinyl gates. Our gates are pristine, properly built and installed, and they’re made to last. So top off your fencing project with a vinyl gate!