VanHoose Fence builds and installs security fencing. So whether you’re looking to protect your property, keep pests out, keep animals in, or keep strangers out, you can count on us. We provide a wide variety of fencing solutions, including:

Razor Wire Fences and Barbed Wire Fences

Razor and barbed wire are great security solutions. We can build razor and barbed wire structures above our chain link fences. These fencing structures make boundaries clear and impassible.

Safety Railings

Safety railings are important for your business. Keep workers safe with safety railing, and keep your property up to code.


As with all of our fencing implements, we also construct and install gates. We can build gate structures to meet your security needs. We’ve got the experience, know-how, and tools to construct and install strong, rigid, secure gates. Give us a call to get your next fencing project started — we work with folks throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding area!