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All around, vinyl fencing is an excellent option! If you’re looking at the right material for your upcoming fencing project consider looking into vinyl fencing. Vinyl is an excellent option, especially for its price point. Plus, there are plenty of other reasons to opt for our custom vinyl fencing solutions built by the fencing experts here at VanHoose Fencing…


Vinyl fencing is heavy-duty. Did you know vinyl’s about five times as strong as wood for its thickness? Plus, vinyl withstands all sorts of weather since it’s completely waterproof. Vinyl won’t warp as it ages, and it can’t be attacked by fungus, bacteria, or termites. Choosing vinyl means you’re choosing a fence you can rely on.

Low to No Maintenance

Aside from possibly hosing the fence down after a nearby motorbike derby, you won’t need to do a thing to keep your vinyl tip-top. Our vinyl is color-fast, so you don’t have to worry about fading colors, or painting your vinyl in the future.

Recycled Materials

Vinyl is composed of readily available materials, including chlorine and hydrocarbons. Plus, it’s recycled and it’s recyclable. That means no landfill waste.


Again, vinyl is best because of its price point. Vinyl is one of our most affordable options – so a big fencing installation won’t cost you the big bucks.

Diverse Applications

Do you need privacy? Or are you just looking to mark property lines? We custom build the vinyl fences we install, so you can get creative with your next fencing project. Consider the purpose of your upcoming fence.

Ultimately, if you’re in need of vinyl fence installation in OKC, our fence builders are ready to spring into action! We know that choosing a fence contractor isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of reasons to choose vinyl fencing — and we’ll go above and beyond to show you what makes our fence company different from the rest. Simply put, our mission is to provide you with a beautiful vinyl privacy fence that serves your home for many years to come.

Ready to get started? Reach out to us to get your project off the ground! We provide vinyl fencing services throughout Oklahoma from our hometown of Oklahoma City.

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