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Cedar fencing is an excellent choice as a fencing solution for your upcoming project. Here at VanHoose Fence, we’re all about connecting you with the highest quality fencing materials on the market. We build all of our fencing materials specific for your site, so you can count on receiving a fence that’s designed for your specific needs and wishes. Consider cedar fencing for the following reasons:


Cedar is more than just easy on the eyes. Cedar works great as a fencing material because it’s natural. When you choose to go for cedar fencing, you’re choosing a look that sits well within your landscape. Cedar fencing looks especially good around a garden or lawn!

Cedar takes on stain well, too! Keep that natural look with a good stain color, or go for a coat of paint to match the facade of your house.

Long-Lasting Wood

Cedar lasts leaps and bounds longer than some woods out there. A new cedar fence will last a full twenty years before any maintenance is required. Cedar is strong, and it holds its shape better than other lumber materials. That means that your fence won’t warp as it’s battered by wind, rain, and unrelenting sun.

Environmentally Sound

Since cedar is made from cedar trees, it’s a completely renewable resource. Moreover, cedar tree farms actually aid in reducing carbon in the air, and they pump out fresh oxygen. In this way, our tree farms aid in reducing global warming and the impact caused by pollutants. Plus, cedar is entirely biodegradable. So when your fence is at the end of its lifetime, it can be chipped into mulch or burnt.

At VanHoose Fence, we’re proud to offer cedar fence installation in OKC, and no matter the reason you opt for cedar fencing, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy your newfound privacy for many years to come. We strive to ensure that no matter your specific needs or your situation, you end up with a fence that you genuinely love, so whether you’re moving into a new home that needs privacy or upgrading your current fence to the timeless look of cedar, we’d love nothing more than to ensure that your fence adds something special to your home.

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