Metal fencing is built to last. VanHoose Fence installs all sorts of metal fences, and our fences are properly fortified and constructed with clean, straight lines. Here’s a list of the metal fences we install:

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is rigid and durable, and may be coated with paint. These fences come in all sorts of styles. Aluminum fences make excellent security fences around homes, businesses, and pools.

Razorwire Fencing & Barbed Wire Fencing

Razorwire and barbed wire fences provide ultimate protection. Our razorwire and barbed fences can be built above chain link fencing structures. Keep animals in, or keep unwanted guests out with razorwire and barbed wire fencing.

Galvanized Wire Fencing & Chain Link Fences

Galvanized wire fencing is rigid and sleek. These fences are ideal for keeping animals at bay, and they’re often used to surround a yard or a dog-run. The classic chain link fencing style is also one of our fencing options.

Decorative Metal Fencing

Whether it’s decorative aluminum fencing or decorative galvanized wire fencing, we can build it. We install beautiful metal fences that’ll add value to your property.

Sports Fencing

We build and install all sorts of sports fencing. We can construct metal fencing structures to suit your needs, no matter the sport!

Metal Gates

Just the same as all of our materials, we also build gates to finish off your fencing structure. We can build metal gates with the same materials you’ve used on the rest of your fence. And we’ve got the know-how and experience to build gates that are strong and durable. Give us a call to kick off your next fencing project! We provide fencing services in Oklahoma from our hometown of Oklahoma City.