As your yard comes out of winter hibernation you will be able to easily see areas that need some help. Assessing your fence each spring can help you identify problems that have been exacerbated by the winter. If you find that your fence is beyond repair, consider springtime to have new fencing installed. Here are some of the best reasons to utilize the spring to replace your old fence.

Obviously, the Weather

No one wants to put in a fence in the winter! When spring finally comes around, you will be ready to address your outdoor landscaping. Waiting until the ground warms will also make the job easier; if the ground is still frozen, digging holes for the posts will be much more difficult.

Beating the Crowd

Summer tends to be the busiest time for landscape contractors. Get ahead of the rush by scheduling your fence installation early in the spring. Once the weather has really warmed up, everyone will be clamoring to have their fence replaced! Additionally, areas that are very humid in the summer can lead to problems with installation, so schedule your fence installation in the spring!

Being Beautiful by Summer

Everyone wants their yard to be in top shape by the time summer rolls around. Installing your fence in the spring will let you enjoy it all summer long. After your fence is replaced, you can move on to other fun landscaping projects.

Keeping Children and Pets Safe

Choosing to address your fence in the spring is a smart move if you have children or pets. If your old fence becomes unsafe or unusable during the summer you may have no place for your children or pets to play that is fenced. Keeping your children or pets inside during the summer due to a lack of fencing is something you definitely want to avoid!

Improving Access to Your Yard

If you have found that your old fence doesn’t have the best layout or access, springtime is a great time to reassess. Adding gates to improve backyard accessibility, moving your fence to accommodate landscaping, or closing off unused gates or opening can all make your fence more functional.

Keeping Your Yard Secure

Summertime is when bikes, scooters, toys and other items may be left out in your yard. Making sure your old fence is replaced in the spring will ensure that your belongings are secured during the times they are out the most.

Allowing for New Plants to Grow

Install your fence early in the spring, and you can plant around it for a lush yard in the summer and fall. If you wait too long to install your fence you may end up having to damage mature plants to access the area.


As you can see, springtime affords you the perfect time to replace your old fence. Summer and fall are the perfect seasons to enjoy your yard, so make sure it is ready this spring! With the approaching warm weather in Oklahoma City, don’t wait to explore your fencing installation options.