We understand—you value your privacy. After all, your property is just that: yours. The roof over your head should be the one place where you can truly escape the outside world. Plus, you want to ensure that you and yours are protected while you’re at home. When it comes to ensuring the privacy and security of your home, it all starts with a fence…

Fence In Your Yard

First thing’s first, it’s time to install a security fence in your yard. If you’re simply looking for a fence to keep people from trespassing, you might opt for a chain link fence. Or, you can consider installing an elegant aluminum fence to show passersby that this is your yard. If you are striving to keep prying eyes from invading your personal space, then consider installing a tall cedar fence (our specialty here at VanHoose Fence). We can also install a gapless vinyl fence to keep your property completely private. Regardless of the fence style that you choose, we’re the company to call to complete your fence.

Tall, Full Trees

In lieu of a fence line, you can install tall trees on your property to keep strangers from ogling your property. Plant several full pine trees in line to ensure that they fill out and provide full privacy for your property. Take note, trees certainly aren’t impenetrable, so you may want to install a fence, as well as planting trees. If you have a home with neighbors that can overlook your lawn, you can plant trees with a full canopy to provide a bit of added privacy from their second-story windows.

Install a Security Camera (Or Two)

Improve the security of your property by installing a security camera (or more than one). You’ll also need to install a floodlight (unless you have advanced low light security cameras), or you can install some landscape lighting around your property.

Install a Security System

Pair your security camera with a security system. You can install a security system that constantly monitors your doors and windows to ensure that there isn’t a break-in. Most security systems automatically trigger an emergency response if they aren’t properly deactivated, and nowadays, you can monitor the security of your home from an app on your phone. Be sure to install a sign in your yard or display a window cling that advertises that you utilize a security system in your home — it’ll further deter criminals from trespassing on your property.

Count on VanHoose

Here at VanHoose, we understand your demands. We’ll work with you to make sure that your property is completely private, yet fenced in beautifully. We work with a variety of fencing materials, including chain link fencing, vinyl fencing, and cedar fencing. We’re proud to serve Oklahoma City and the surrounding area with our fence installation services. Count on VanHoose fence for your privacy fence installation. You can learn more about our fencing services, and get a free estimate for your fencing build today!