Your yard is your oasis. It’s your escape from the rest of the world. You’ve protected your oasis with a VanHoose Fence installation, but now, what else can you do to make the most of your outdoor oasis? That’s the topic of today’s blog, as well as one of our other recent blogs! We already mentioned that you can build the ultimate deck, attract some birds with birdfeeders, birdhouses, and birdbaths, your can play yard games, and you can install some lawn decor. Today, we’re going to talk about some other backyard transformations you can make, including gardening, installing some additions to keep the kids occupied, and building a pool. Let’s dive in.


If you’re a food fanatic, a horticulturist, and love the outdoors, then you’ve got to build a garden in your backyard. Take a visit to the nearest garden center and nursery, and grab all the supplies that you’ll need: A shovel, top soil, seeds, rubber boots, a trowel, a hose, a sunhat, trellis, a hoe, gardening gloves, are we forgetting anything else? You may also want to build planters. Our advice: Get ahold of a few old railroad ties, cut them to size with a circular saw, place them and reinforce them with a few rods of rebar, fill with soil, and voila, you’ve got a planter. Or perhaps you’d like to install a greenhouse in your backyard. Oh, don’t forget to build a compost bin, you’ll have excellent soil ready for next season!

Keeping the Kids Occupied

Have tykes that love the backyard as much as you do? Cater to their whim with a playset. You can build your own if you’re creative and handy with lumber and carpentry tools. Otherwise, there are thousands of sets on the market to check out.

Do you have a big tree in the backyard? Well, you have two options right off the bat: One, you can build a tire swing, or two, you can build a tree fort. A tire swing is much easier to install; however, a tree fort has an unbeatable cool factor.

Pool Time

Kids or not, a pool is the ultimate addition to your own private outdoor oasis. Will it have a deep end for diving? How about a waterfall/fountain? Will you build in a spa too? What about the patio? You’ll need plenty of space to sprawl out in the summer sun. A pool can be a major value to all family members and residents; plus, it will impress guests whenever you entertain. Oh, and it’ll add huge value to your home.


VanHoose Value

Speaking of value, don’t forget about that comes along with a VanHoose fence installation. We provide a number of fencing solutions for residents and businesses throughout the Oklahoma City area. We can build vinyl, metal, and wooden fencing to meet your specifications and desires. Take a look at all of our fencing services, and count on VanHoose for your next fence installation!