Take a moment, and picture a fence. Is the fence you envision a chain-link one? Maybe it’s of the wooden variety, either tightly locked and linked together or with slats of spaces in between. The style might play into how you picture a fence; maybe it’s a white picket fence, or maybe it’s more decorative. Regardless of how you picture a fence, most people likely picture a different fence than the one you visualized.

This is because there are so many types of fences, even though we might not realize it. How we think of a fence also depends largely on the location or type of property that it encloses. A garden, for example, will have a drastically different fencing system than that of a yard, or even that of a baseball field. Regardless of the type of fencing you pictured, VanHoose Fence Co. can do it all. Read on to learn about which fence styles work best for various locations and properties, and call VanHoose Fence Co. for premier fencing in the Oklahoma City area. Schedule a consultation today!

Sports Fencing

One of the most annoying things for any athletes and sports enthusiasts everywhere is having a ball fly out of the stadium or field and not having a quick replacement. Seeing that baseball sail a few yards over is great, but like “The Sandlot” taught us, it can also ruin an entire day. Imagine a tennis court without a fence—it would practically turn the sport into long-distance running.

The fencing experts at VanHoose Fence Co. provide topnotch chain-link and other sports fencing services! Keep the ball in play, and work with VanHoose to get the best sports fencing around.

Residential Fencing

One of the most common forms of fencing, there is such a vast array of styles and options for residential fencing. With a fence for your house and yard, providing safety and security has never been so easy. Invest in a high-quality cedar fence, which will give you and your family plenty of privacy. If you would prefer interacting with your neighbors more, look into a chain-link fence option, or a wooden fence that stands only a few feet off the ground.

Another added bonus of residential fencing comes in the form of security for your pet as well. With a fence lining the perimeter of your yard, your dog can safely roam this space without you having to worry about them chasing that rabbit into the next yard or two. Some argue that this is a more humane measure of protection than a shock collar (invisible fencing), but with either case, it is clear that we want our furry friends to stay safe as well. From chain-link fences to cedar wooden fences and more, trust the experts at VanHoose for your home’s fencing needs!

Commercial Fencing

Having your business protected and secured is equally as important as securing your home. Since you invest so much time into your business and your work, you want to make sure that it is taken care of—both when you’re there working and when you’re not. Not to mention, fencing can add an aesthetic value to your property. A law office in a downtown brownstone would look great with a decorative metal fence installation would add a stylistic flourish to the overall appeal. The purpose of business is of course to attract clients, and if the aesthetics of your enterprise stand out, then this appeal shows a lot of promise for helping your business grow.

Similarly, commercial fencing can go past a visually satisfying function and serve as a part of the business itself. Any pet boarding services or dog parks in the Oklahoma City area would benefit from taking advantage of enclosed areas. Many pet owners would likely see a fence as a sign of security for their animal, which is essential for trusting a business with their dog or cat.

Garden, Farm, and Ranch Fencing

This fencing perhaps looks the most different from commercial or residential fencing, but it serves a relatively different purpose. Fencing installations for businesses or homes usually are to keep others out, whereas farm and ranch fencing are designed to keep livestock in. It can be incredibly challenging to install fencing on your own when it comes to properties of a grander scale. Instead of single-handedly trying to put up a fence for acres upon acres of land, contact the fence installation specialists of VanHoose Fence Co. to help out. They say that many hands make light work, and this is highly applicable to installing fencing on your farm or ranch in the Oklahoma City area.

No matter what style of fencing you and your property need, VanHoose Fence Co. is the business you want to call. We offer a wide variety of fencing styles, all of which excel in both the areas of function and design. At VanHoose Fence Co., we know that not every fence is alike, because not every situation is alike. We are proud to serve the Oklahoma City area and cater to the fence installation needs of each and every client. See why people have continued to work with VanHoose Fence Co. again and again—check out a full list of our services, a gallery of our work, and more. When it comes to getting the best in professionalism and care, there’s no need to be on the fence—call VanHoose Fence Co. today!