If you have a pool in the back yard, it’s likely that you’ll want a fence. At the very least, your fence will keep strangers from making the most of your pool while you’re away from the house (including neighborhood dogs). And, a well-built fence can make your pool even more enticing to swimmers. Beyond that, fencing can make your pool area safer, keeping swimmers inside, and those who can’t swim out. Let’s talk about a few of the factors you should consider when building a pool fence.

Building a Pool Privacy Fence

If you own a private pool, it’s likely that you want to keep your pool just that: Private. Well we can help you with that. We can build pool fencing that encloses your pool, ensuring that you don’t have strangers stumbling into your pool, and you don’t have passersby peering at anybody who is hanging out poolside. Have us craft a cedar fence to wrap around the entirety of your pool, or opt for a full vinyl fence that serves the same function—to keep your pool private.

Building a Fence for Aesthetics

With the right fence, built the right way, you can improve the appearance of your pool and your property. Folks often opt for aluminum fencing, since it’s reliable, it doesn’t rust, and it’s affordable. Plus, aluminum fencing can be painted, so you can change the look of your fence at any point. Cedar is also a popular choice, since the wood has a warm, welcoming look. However, you’ll have to take care of your fence over the years, since it’ll likely get splashed with water, which can discolor and damage cedar fencing if it’s not properly protected with a finish.

Building a Fence for Pool Safety

Fencing can help to keep your residents safe. Safety fencing serves two functions—First, it keeps those who are supposed to be in the pool area in the pool area; it can be dangerous to have kids running from the pool to the rest of the yard (it’s easy to slip on wet grass). Second, a safety fence keeps those who aren’t supposed to be in the pool out of your pool area. That can be especially important to keep young children away from the pool if they can’t swim. Nearly any fencing material will work (as long as the fence posts are close enough together). Chain link fencing is a popular choice if you’re striving to make your pool more safe.


Count on VanHoose Fence for Your Pool Fencing

Regardless of the material you choose, the height of your fence, or the functionality of your pool fencing, we’re the crew to call to install your new fencing structure. We custom build fences with a variety of materials, including chain-link fencing, aluminum fencing, wood fencing, and vinyl fencing. If you’re curious about our fencing builds, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we can answer your questions and schedule an appointment to get started! You can also view images of our previous fence builds while you’re here!