If you’re planning on putting up a wooden fence in your backyard, you may be overwhelmed with design options. After all, there are so many ways to build a fence—which one is right for your home? Well, let’s lay out your options, and then we’ll let you decide on the best build for your property. Here are six wooden fence styles that might fit your desires.

Board on Board

Board on board fencing features staggered boards that are attached to horizontal members. This design creates an attractive textured look for your fenceline. Plus, board on board fences have a thin gap between each board, which allows for airflow through the fence, into your property. The slats also leave a bit of the view unobstructed, which can keep your dogs entertained if you have any pups on premise.

Convex & Concave

Concave and convex fences feature vertical fence members that are shaped to have a curve or slant incorporated into the design of the top of the fence. Even simple curves capping your fence can break up the monotony of your fenceline. This fence type is also completely private.

Lattice Combination

Lattice combination fences incorporate lattice into the design of the fence. These more elaborate fence designs are a welcome change from standard fencing that you might find throughout the rest of your neighborhood. In addition, lattice fencing can be utilized to hold vines, which means that your fence will be incorporated into your landscape seamlessly.

Lock Board

Lock board fences are uniform fences that have a series of horizontal boards which secure vertical posts. Lock board fences look clean, and they’re the ideal way to display quality craftsmanship. Plus, lock board fences provide unparalleled privacy.

Estate Plank

Estate plank fences are some of the most simply designed fences. These fences are completely uniform, and they feature a horizontal cap which adds to the simplicity and continuity of this design. Estate plank fences are a common choice for privacy fences.


Everyone enjoys the pleasing look of picket fences. This fencing design incorporates gaps between vertical members of the fence. Picket fences are ideal for keeping children and pets on the property, yet they don’t completely obstruct your views. Plus, picket fences are simply part of the American dream. White wash your fence like Huck Finn if you’d like!


Stockade fences feature pointed posts. While this fence style may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, it does provide a bit more security for your property. The jagged tip of your fence line will deter strangers from hopping over your fence.

Let Us Custom Build Your Fence

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