Chain link fencing has numerous diverse applications. You can use chain link fencing for sports arenas, dog runs, or security purposes. You can also use chain link fencing to mark your property lines. Choosing chain link gives you all sorts of benefits:

Integrity & Strength

Our chain link fencing is made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is heavy-duty, and it won’t bend or break due to weathering. Galvanized steel also resists corrosion caused by precipitation. Plus, it can be painted to further ward off corrosion. Chain link fences derive their stability from their steel post structure, and we can build that structure into a variety of shapes.


If your chain link fence does incur damage over its lifetime, it is repairable. Since chain link fencing is modular, you’ll be able to replace sections of your fence if need be. If your fence does take damage from vandalism or some large blunt forces, you’ll have easy-repair options.

Low to No Maintenance

Just like our vinyl fencing, chain link fences don’t require any maintenance. If your chain link fence does become intolerably dirty, simply spray it down with a hose, or use soap and water.

Plenty of Options

Chain link fencing is diverse and can be built around angles. That’s what makes chain link fencing ideal for sports applications. Plus, we custom build all of our chain link installations, and we can build fencing with variations in height and shape.

Low Cost

Chain link fencing is a rather economical choice. Since its installation is relatively simple, the cost of a chain link fencing installation is lower.

Ready to get started? Give us a call to get your project rolling — VanHoose Fence provides chain link fence installations, repairs, and replacements throughout the Oklahoma City area.