Why We Love Barbed Wire

At VanHoose Fence we think about things a little differently than your average fencing contractor. For instance, we love barbed wire. Although that should not be a surprise admission from a company who just so happens to be experts in security fencing. Barbed wire is an invention that harkens back to a time when the west meant anything that was beyond the Mississippi River. It holds a nostalgic place in the conscious of everyone who grew up in the middle of this country. Any kid who has found a chunk of barbed wire in the dirt has stared at it with awe; the iconic twists of the wire into its purposeful points.

Barbed wire has a reputation for being tough. Tough enough to keep potential interlopers away just by its presence. It is also a marvel of engineering, helical twists clipped into sharp thorns. One strand is made up of many different components. We like to think of VanHoose Fence the same way, as one strand made up of many different parts, each part working together to be the strongest fence builder in Oklahoma City. Each employee working together to create a recognizable symbol of quality with every job.

As for the practical application of barbed wire, we are able to guide you through the process. We offer free estimates and would be happy to discuss your needs. If security is essential to the integrity of your business, barbed wire may be the appropriate fencing option. So give us a call and talk with our team about your needs especially, if you want to talk about barbed wire. We love barbed wire.

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