When It’s Time to Replace Your Fence

VanHoose Fence Co. is your Oklahoma City source for all types of fencing solutions. We like to think that if there’s a fence to build, we can build it. If there’s a fence to repair, we can repair it. And if there’s a fence to replace, well we can do that too. Today, we’re going to talk about the latter service: Fencing replacement. Let’s talk about how to determine when it’s time to replace a fence, rather than repair it.


If you’re keeping animals penned up, or just keeping your kiddoes from running out into the street, you rely on the structural integrity of your fence. Once a single cow finds its way through a weak fence, it’s likely that the herd will follow. If the supportive beams of your fence are weak, they can fail and the whole structure could fall. That can cause injuries, it can damage property, and it can kill plants throughout your landscape. If you’re uncertain of how your fence is holding up, just give us a holler. We can stop by, inspect your fence, and provide an appropriate plan of action. We can also replace segments of fencing if your fence structure is only partially compromised.


Do you have a chain link fence that’s bent completely out of shape? Or do you have a cedar fence that’s fallen victim to years of mold? Perhaps you have a fence that’s been crushed by the dead limb of a tree (or the fender of a bad driver!). Regardless of the reason, the aesthetic of your fence counts. If your fence is dilapidated, rusted, or just plain old, it may be time to call on the Fence builders here at VanHoose Fence Co. We’ll tear out your ugly old fence, and replace it with a stable, “shiny-new” fencing structure. And of course, we’ll haul away all the old fence and ensure that your property is looking pristine when the job is done.


First and foremost, you’ll want to give some thought to whether or not your fence serves its original purpose. If you have a fence that was built to define property boundaries, and a recent land survey shows that those boundaries are incorrect, you’ll have to replace the fence. Or perhaps your fence was intended as a privacy fence, yet over the years the wood has become battered and weathered, and knots have fallen out of the wood. Now, onlookers and passersby have a front row view of your private life. It’s time to replace the fence. Maybe you have a tennis court whose fencing is full of holes, and the tennis balls are free to escape the confines of the court. Again, regardless of the problem, VanHoose Fence Co. has the solution. We’ll tear down that pointless fence, and replace it with a sturdy fence that’s sure to fulfill its duty for years on end.

If you’re in need of a fence replacement, we’re the company to call. Ready to get started? Just give us a holler!

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