What Makes Our Fencing Installs Superb?

You’re looking to hire a fencing installation company.. So what sets us apart? Well, it’s not just one thing. We’re worlds ahead of the competition because we strive for excellence in every project we take on. Here’s what we do to build the best fences this side of Texas:

Proper Planning & Structures

We’ll work with your specific site and build a fence to fit the dips and swales. Moreover, we’ll build a fence that’s structurally sound. Some fencing structures – especially near gates – need concrete footings. We always use sufficient footings to ensure that your structure is built to last.

Custom Built Fencing

We custom build our fences. What does that mean for you? You can pick the exact fence you desire, and we’ll build it. We can build fences for your aesthetic desire as well as your functional needs.

Gates As Well As Fences

We build gates as well as fences. That means you’ll end up with a full fencing structure that’s got the same look and performance throughout. As we mentioned above, our gates are structurally sound, so your gate installation won’t sag under weathering and gravity.

We’re Professionals

Here at VanHoose, we pride ourselves on the quality of our craft. We see that our projects get completed to your satisfaction. We work with your schedule. We work quickly. That’s just how we like to do business. Oh, and of course, we take care of any and all clean up – so when the job’s done, it’s really done.

You can call on VanHoose Fencing to take care of all of your fencing needs. We tackle a litany of fencing installations, including residential fencing, commercial fencing, sports fencing, privacy fencing, ranch and rural fencing, and more. We like to think that if there’s a fence to build, we can build it!

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