Tips for Commercial Fencing

If you’re considering installing commercial fencing around your business, you have plenty of choices to make. You’ll have to consider the purpose of your fencing, the material you’d like, and the cost of the fencing and installation. Here are some simple tips to follow to ensure that you end up with the right fence, and as always, you can call on VanHoose Fence’s fence building experts if you’re still stuck or would like help formulating a design for your commercial fencing structure.


The purpose of your fencing can vary greatly depending on the product or service your business provides. For instance, if you operate a ranch, you may rely on razor wire fencing or barbed wire fencing to keep animals penned. However, if you operate a spa, you’ll want fencing for privacy, and fencing that is appealing to your clientele, perhaps stained cedar fencing.


Your fencing material will depend largely on your intent, aesthetics, and cost. We recommend that you rank the importance or priority of those elements. Is it entirely necessary to surround your ranch with stained cedar fencing when inexpensive wire will do? Prioritize your fencing necessities and wants, and calculate a fencing solution that’s right for your business. Again, call on our pros if you’re still unsure about the right material to use for your project.


For most businesses, a fence is just a fence. Commercial properties often need a fence for one reason or another, and an affordable fence is often the best solution. However, certain businesses rely on high-grade and higher-cost fencing. If your business depends on fencing to operate properly, then it’s worth the cost. If you’re operating batting cages, for instance, you simply can’t skimp on the cost. Spend on fencing material if your business relies on it, and you can go inexpensive if it doesn’t!

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