The Many Uses for Fences


Most residential fencing is installed simply for privacy. Fences keep out the riff-raff and wandering eyes. Protect your property, and keep your home life private with a privacy fence. Privacy fences are also ideal for private pools or spas. Vinyl fence installations and wooden fencing both work great!

Property Lines

Fences are ideal for marking and maintaining accurate property lines. There’s nothing more definitive than a straight fence to mark your business’ or residence’s property line.

Decoration & Aesthetic

Fencing can be utilized for decorative purposes. Decorative metal and wood fencing options are popular accents around gardens or throughout landscapes. Also, consider growing vines on your decorative fence structures or building elegant fencing around your deck!

Corralling Animals

Keep the livestock properly pent up with a strong fence. VanHoose Fence LLC provides all sorts of livestock fencing – ranging from simple wooden ranch fencing to razor wire.

Sports Applications

Many sports require fencing to keep onlookers and players safe. We install baseball fencing, tennis court fencing, track & field fencing, and more!

Gardening Applications

Garden fences can be used to keep animals out of your garden. Also, fences can be used to grow grapes, hops, peas, and other vine-based plants. Wooden fencing looks great around the garden, as the natural materials compliment plantlife.

Call on VanHoose for all of your fencing installation needs. We like to think that if there’s a fence to be built, we can build it.

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