Nosy Neighbors?

Do you have nosy neighbors? Or are you moving into a neighborhood with nothing but a patch of grass between your home’s facade and theirs? Perhaps the neighbor’s dog has made a habit of using your lawn as its bathroom and romping grounds. Regardless of your situation, you want your privacy, and that’s exactly what we provide with our privacy fences. But the importance of a privacy fence doesn’t stop there. Your privacy fence increases the value of your home, it improves your property’s aesthetic, and of course, it gives you the privacy you desire.


A fence doesn’t just ensure that you don’t lose track of your property lines. A fence – a well-built, beautiful VanHoose Fence – adds value to your property. With a fence lining the boundaries of your property, your home and your property unite. You can match your fence style with the character of your home, and make your property the talk of the town. According to RealtyTimes, when you add a fence to your property, you could recoup 50 percent of the value or more when you choose to sell your home. That is, as the article mentions, if you choose the right materials for your fence. While cheaper materials, like chain link fencing, may be easier on the wallet, they not be the easiest on the eyes. Consider investing in a fencing material that works with your home, and a material that truly adds to its aesthetic. Speaking of aesthetic…


You want to keep the greener grass on the right side of the fence: Yours. If your nosy neighbors have landscaping that’s encroaching on your property the same way that their wandering eyes do, you can keep the weeds, brown grass, and loosely assembled mulch from making its way from your neighbor’s property to your yard. Also, consider how best to suit the look of your home with a new fence. Cedar fencing may look better for a home with a small property square footage, while vinyl fencing may be best for a home set atop a couple acres of land. Improve your aesthetic, and regain your privacy with a fence from VanHoose.


Back to the primary intention of a privacy fence: Your privacy. Your home is your little slice of the earth, and it’s where you go to escape the rest of the world. When you want privacy, your home should be able to provide. If you’re surrounded by neighbors, it may be a new fence that gives the gift of privacy. Replace that vinyl fence with a tall cedar fence to reclaim your yard as yours. No matter the circumstance, our privacy fences are sure to provide.

If you’re looking to install a privacy fence on your property, give us a call! We build privacy fences, including vinyl and wood fences, for folks throughout Oklahoma City!

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