Make Your Yard Your Oasis Part I

So you’ve moved into a new home, and now that you have a domain that’s all your own, it’s time to customize it to your every desire. Now, you’ve always loved hanging out in the backyard. As a child, it was where you dug up worms and played tag with friends. As a teenager it was where you earned your summer’s wages by mowing the grass once per week. And now, as a first-time homeowner, your backyard is a beacon of opportunity. How are you going to make your yard just that: Yours? We can build the fencing you’ll need, but you’ll have to do the rest… so what would you like to put in your backyard? Here are a few ideas:


Your home is the embodiment of your passion for entertaining guests. And your deck should follow suit. If your weekends are filled with friends and family, then a significant portion of your backyard may be dedicated to the ultimate deck. Build a deck with built-in seating, planters for an herb garden, and room enough for a grill, cabinetry, and a cooler. Make your deck a major feature of your backyard.


If you’re an avid birder, you can attract your flying friends by decking out your yard with all the essentials. Craft a birdhouse if you know how to throw a hammer. Build yourself a bird feeder if you’re especially handy. Invest in a birdbath to give those friendly fowl a place to bathe and water to drink. If you’re a fan of hummingbirds, plant plenty of flowering trees and plants, and get a sugar-water feeder or two. Trees alone can attract plenty of birds, so don’t hesitate to become the town arborist.


Fond of yard games? Take that passion to the design of your backyard. Give yourself enough lawn for badminton, croquet, or a game of catch. Perhaps you’re a fan of cornhole, and need plenty of room to place a few boards. And maybe you could install a few horseshoe pits, or, if you have the space, make it a pit of sand for beach volleyball. If you’re a sport, turn your backyard into the field, pitch, or court you’ve always wanted to have in your backyard.


Spruce up your lawn with decor. If you’re the kind to mix function and beauty, consider building a gazebo. Or if you’re a fan of garden gnomes, well, you can turn your backyard into a veritable shrine to gnomekind. Perhaps you’d like to build a fence that’s covered in grapevines (we can certainly help you with the fence building part). Make the outside of your home as beautiful and welcoming as its interior with some decor.

Regardless of your dreams and desires, your backyard provides a blank canvas to work with. Make the best of your landscape with your favorite activities. And as always, you can count on VanHoose Fencing to help you build the fencing structures to surround it all.

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