Keeping Your Animals Penned with Our Fencing

Here at VanHoose Fence Company, we like to think that if there’s a fence out there to build, we can build it. We build all sorts of fencing structures throughout the Oklahoma City area, including fencing for ranches. We know that when it comes to animal fencing, you want a fencing structure that’s built to withstand weather, built stronger than your animals, and built to stand the test of time. Our rural fencing structures are ideal for any animal farmer. But when you opt to install fencing for your livestock, it begs the question: which fence is the best fence for my animals? Here are a few of our options, as well as their pros and cons:


Barbed wire and razor wire are a more affordable option over electric fencing, but the truth of the matter is that these wires are liable to injure your animals. While economical, barbed wire and razor wire may cause an animal to get snagged in the fence. They’re certainly sufficient structures to keep your animals penned, but there is some undeniable liability. Barbed wire and razor wire can be utilized in conjunction with various fences and gates to ensure that your animals stay penned up.


Wooden fencing is an excellent solution for animals that are relatively tame. Horses, for example, don’t require barbed or electric fencing. Wooden fencing also has a great aesthetic, and it’s a relatively affordable option. There are numerous configurations in which wooden fencing can be built.


Again, vinyl fencing is best for tame animals, and provides a good aesthetic to your property. Vinyl fencing is especially popular for professional equestrian arenas and grounds.

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