How to Make Your Fence Unique

If you’re building a new fence in your backyard, you want your fence to reflect the character of your home. Maybe that means that you want to build an iron fence to front your brick abode. Or maybe you’re looking to build a white vinyl fence to give your property a clean, open look. Perhaps you’re looking to build a cedar privacy fence. Your personal preferences may not even stop there. You might want even more character out of your fence. Today, we’re going to talk about a few projects you can start to give your fence unique character or a bit more utility. Here are a few ideas you can employ to make your fence unique:


Are you an avid gardener? We understand your urge to spruce up that cedar fence of yours. You can build planters to tack onto your fencing structure to bring a bit of extra foliage to your property. Be sure to attach your planters to the posts that have been built into the earth, and make sure that there’s a gap between the planter and the wood of your fence (if you’re attaching your planters to wooden fencing) to ensure that the wood can air out when it’s wet. The wood will last longer and it won’t rot if you leave space for the wood to “breathe.”


If you love the look of foliage but you’re looking to keep it simple, you can plant vines at the base of your fencing structure. Vines look great crawling across all types of fencing materials: Metal, wood, vinyl, you name it. Be warned, vines may damage a wooden fence over time, depending on the plant type. So do your research before planting vines at the base of your fence. You may also have to give your vines a bit more material to grip as they grow. You can throw a few nails into wooden fencing. Or, if you have metal or vinyl fencing, you can throw clamps on your fence and attach wire mesh. Don’t put nails or screws in vinyl fencing, it’s liable to crack.


Are you a birder? If you love birds, you can attract your favorite flying friends with feeders and birdhouses. Attach a few feeders to your fenceline and watch the skies fill with birds. You can even use the top of your fence line as a perch for your birds as they feed. You can attach a shepherd’s hook hanger to your fence to hang a feeder or birdhouse, or, if you have a wooden fence, you can attach a feeder or birdhouse right to the structure. Make sure that your feeder is easily accessible, so that you can keep your birds well fed!


Have a few pups on the property? Build extra fencing to give your dogs their own personal space. Building a dog run gives you peace of mind as your pups frolic out in the open. Build a dog run with plenty of space for your pup to go potty, and incorporate a dog house if your pooch loves to spend more time in the dog run than your home. Next, it’s on to phase two: Building a doggy door for your best friend! If you have a canine that can’t stand being penned up inside all day, it’s time to build a dog run.

Have fun, and get creative with your next fence; as always, if you need to have a fence built, you can count on us here at VanHoose Fence Co. We build metal, vinyl, and wood fencing for security, privacy, and sports applications throughout Oklahoma City. If there’s a fence that you need built, we can build it!

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