Designing Your Dog Run

A dog run is an excellent way to give your dog the opportunity to romp around during the day while keeping them safe and secure near your home. If you’ve got a pup that’s angsting to play, consider building a dog run by fencing in a portion of your yard. If you’re ready to design your dog run, consider adding the following features.


Dogs love wide open spaces, and they need plenty of space to play. If you’ve got more than one mutt to keep happy, consider adding a dog run with plenty of square footage. Now, think about the size of your dog too. Smaller pups, such as a chihuahua or yorkie, won’t need as much space as a greyhound or great dane. Plan your dog run space accordingly.


Ideally, a dog run should be built around grass. Pups love to roll around in the grass. However, dogs also love to go potty on grass (unless trained to do otherwise); and dog urine can wreak havoc on your grass. You’ll likely be left with dead grass spots if you choose grass as your ground material. Turf is another option. Turf doesn’t require much maintenance, and your canine will feel comfortable going potty on something grass-like.


If your dog run is next to your home, you can consider adding a doggy door. Let your pup play outdoors all day long with a doggy door. Be sure to install a way to lock your doggy door in case you leave for a vacation, or the weather is too harsh for outdoor time.

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