Creative Uses for Your Old Fence Part II

To continue on our last blog, we’re going to point out other creative things you can do with your old fencing structure. We’re continuing our blog stream on creative uses for your old fence:

Build Boxes

Turn your old fencing structure into boxes! Build boxes for storage (old fence boxes are great for holding tools or your garage gadgets). Or build boxes to make an herb garden for your porch! The results will look great, there’s little to no cost to build a box, and your boxes will be functional! Plus, boxes can make a great gift for a loved one!

Make a Bench

Turn your old wood fencing into an old-timey bench with character. Cut your boards to size, and attach them with some hardware! Just make sure your bench is reinforced enough to support a couple people, and make sure that your boards are sturdy enough to last under some weight!

Make a Dog Run

If we’re tearing down enough fencing that’s in decent shape, you may be able to reclaim it and utilize it as a dog run! If you’ve got a small pup, you can fashion a movable dog run to keep your pup happy, and keep clean-up easy. Or use your old fencing to build a makeshift gate to keep your dogs from going to certain rooms in your house!


Old wood fencing can look great as a headboard / footboard combination. Just make sure you sand down your surfaces, repaint if you aren’t a fan of that antiquey look, and wash away all the dust before you bring your new headboard and footboard into the bedroom!

Build a Bike Rack

Metal fencing can be an excellent option for a bike rack! Utilize old metal fencing to lock up those bikes outside! Just remember, if you’re concerned about the safety of your bikes, you’ll want to attach your makeshift bike rack to something – maybe lock it to a concrete pillar.

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