Creative Uses for Your Old Fence

If your fence structure is on its last leg, you’ll want to call the pros here at VanHoose. We’re here to build your fences and repair any fences that are bent out of shape. If your fence is beyond repair, we can also build and install an entirely new fence structure to replace your old structure. Normally, we take away your old fence structure and scrap it, but some folks like to use their old fencing for projects around the house. Here are a few ideas you can use if you’re looking to get crafty and reuse your old fences:

Build Shelving for Your Garage or Shed

Take your old fencing, cut it to size, and turn it on its side – voila, you’ve got makeshift shelving that you can put up on the walls of your garage or shed – heck, put it in your kitchen if you’d like! You’ll likely need to buy some hardware (a 90-degree support) to put your shelving up – but otherwise the whole project will be free! Wooden obviously works best, but other fence types can be utilized for different shelving needs. You can even use chain link fencing to hang all of your tools!

Take Your Old Fencing to the Garden

The garden is full of opportunities for upcycling your old fencing structure. Use your fencing as a guide for your vine-based plants – your grapes and peas and such. Or use individual posts of your fence to make markers to label the plants around your garden.

Wooden Fencing? Use It as Firewood!

If you have wood fencing that’s unpainted, untreated, and unstained (make sure you aren’t burning harmful chemicals!), then you can use it as firewood! Just cut pieces down to size, tear out any hardware that’s attached, and light them up! Wooden fencing can get especially dry as it weathers, making it ideal for firewood!

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